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“Sharing ideas, networking & learning” are the key messages during the IMPACT Working Dog Conference.

With so many knowledgeable dog professionals around the world, it’s often very difficult to have the opportunity to spend time sharing ideas & developing lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

The IMPACT Working Dog Conference is not to debate who is right or wrong, it is a conference to enable people to share ideas, build relationships and, more importantly, a conference which enables people to work together for the same common goal – training and developing dogs to the highest level. 

Some of the most respected and knowledgeable dog professionals from all over the world support the conference, each bringing their own new, innovative but proven methods of training, and more importantly, deploying dogs operationally. 

The IMPACT Working Dog Conference also plays host to some of the most forward-thinking manufacturers and suppliers in the dog industry. The conference provides delegates with the opportunity to discuss products and services in more detail, whilst allowing delegates to see first-hand, the benefit of utilising some of the best equipment and ideas within the industry.

The IMPACT Working Dog Conference puts hundreds of dog professionals together and offers an intimate setting to discuss, digest & develop the way in which we train and deploy our working dogs.

If each person who attends the conference goes home with a new idea to implement within their existing training methods, we will have succeeded.

No politics, no dramas, no egos - just dog training.

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